feature-u is a utility library that facilitates feature-based project organization in your react project. It assists in organizing your project by individual features.

Most software engineers would agree that organizing your project by feature is much preferred over type-based patterns. Because application domains grow in the real world, project organization by type simply doesn't scale, it just becomes unmanageable! There are a number of good articles that discuss this topic (with insights on feature-based design and structure).

feature-u is a utility library that manages and streamlines this process. It automates some of the mundane details of your features and helps in promoting features that are plug-and-play.

The following article is an introduction to feature-u with examples from a real-world app: eatery-nod (where feature-u was conceived): feature-u: Feature Based Project Organization for React.

feature-u allows you to focus your attention on the "business end" of your features!

Go forth and compute!!

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