There are many benefits in using feature-u!

The two fundamental artifacts from which most benefits are derived are:

  • A formal means by which features can collaborate with one another (Cross Feature Communication), making them truly plug-and-play

    • This includes the ability for UI Composition to cross feature boundaries. It even allows UI Content to be injected autonomously. This is something that has to be seen ... it shows off feature-u very well.
  • A significant reduction in boilerplate code through:

The following list of benefits can be directly correlated to the considerations that formed the basis of why feature-u was developed (see: Why feature-u?).

  1. Feature Encapsulation: isolating feature boundaries improves code manageability

  2. Feature Collaboration: promote Cross Feature Communication through a well-defined feature-based Public Interface

  3. Feature Based UI Composition: facilitate seamless cross-feature component composition

  4. Application Life Cycle Hooks: features can initialize themselves without relying on an external process

  5. Feature Enablement: enable/disable features through a run-time switch

  6. Minimize Feature Order Dependency Issues during in-line code expansion

  7. Framework Integration: automatically configure used framework(s) (matching the app's run-time-stack) by accumulating all feature aspects (employing an extendable API)

  8. UI Component Promotion: features can autonomously promote their UI components through Feature Based Route Management

  9. Single Source of Truth: is facilitated in a number of ways within a feature's implementation

  10. Simplified App Startup: launching an app can be accomplished through a single line of executable code!

  11. Operates in any React Platform React Web, React Native, Expo, etc.

  12. Plug-and-Play: features can be more easily added or removed

feature-u allows you to focus your attention on the "business end" of your features!

Go forth and compute!!

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