feature-u is a utility library that facilitates Feature-Driven Development in your react project. It provides tangible assistance in promoting features that are truly plug-and-play.

You can quickly "come up to speed" with feature-u by viewing the Playful Features Video, that builds concepts, and demonstrates them in a real world app (eatery-nod-w).

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Feature-Driven Development (FDD) has become more prevalent in today's landscape, and for good reason! This is a lightweight Agile technique, manifest in a project structure where your code is organized by what it accomplishes (i.e. features), rather than lumping all modules of like types into separate blobs of components, routes, logic, actions, etc. This technique greatly improves your code comprehension because there is a direct correlation between the problem space (the requirements) and the implementation (the code)!

Most developers would agree that organizing your project by feature is much preferred over type-based patterns. Because application domains grow in the real world, project organization by type simply doesn't scale, it just becomes unmanageable!

However, FDD involves more than just organizing your project's directory structure into features. You want to encapsulate your features into isolated and self-sufficient modules, and yet they must also be able to collaborate with other features.

Truly isolated FDD is something that is incredibly powerful! You can improve the modularity of your system by loosely coupling your features, making your app easier to understand, develop, test, and refactor. If done right, your features actually become "miniature applications" that simply plug-and-play (where the mere existence of a feature dynamically exudes the characteristics it implements)!

As it turns out there are a number of hurdles to overcome in order to accomplish this. Rather than being left to fend for yourself, feature-u has already tackled these hurdles.

feature-u promotes a new and unique approach to code organization and app orchestration.

With feature-u ...

  • your features can be encapsulated and isolated

  • they can collaborate with other features in an extendable way

  • your components can employ cross-feature composition (even injecting their content autonomously)

  • your features can initialize themselves

  • they can be activated or deactivated at run-time

  • and as a bonus, your frameworks will even auto-configure with only the active features (via a plugin architecture)

feature-u opens new doors into the exciting world of FDD. It frees you up to focus your attention on the "business end" of your features!

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