The benefits of using feature-u are many!

The list (accumulated below) can be directly correlated to the considerations that formed the basis of why feature-u was developed (see: Why feature-u?).

  1. Feature Encapsulation: isolating feature boundaries improves code manageability

  2. Feature Collaboration: promote Cross Feature Communication through a well-defined feature-based Public Interface

  3. Feature Based UI Composition: facilitate seamless cross-feature component composition

  4. Application Life Cycle Hooks: features can initialize themselves without relying on an external process

  5. Feature Enablement: enable/disable features through a run-time switch

  6. Minimize Feature Order Dependency Issues during in-line code expansion

  7. Framework Integration: automatically configure used framework(s) (matching the app's run-time-stack) by accumulating all feature aspects (employing an extendable API)

  8. UI Component Promotion: features can autonomously promote their UI components through Feature Based Route Management

  9. Single Source of Truth: is facilitated in a number of ways within a feature's implementation

  10. Simplified App Startup: launching an app can be accomplished through a single line of executable code!

  11. Operates in any React Platform React Web, React Native, Expo, etc.

  12. Plug-and-Play: features can be more easily added or removed

feature-u allows you to focus your attention on the "business end" of your features!

Go forth and compute!!

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